6th MS Food Day in Camerino (MC)

6th MS Food Day

High quality, healthy and safe food, with good nutritional and sensory characteristics, are necessary for a satisfactory quality of life. For this reason, authentication and traceability of foodstuffs, characterization of food components, quality control, identification and quantification of additives, allergens, chemical and microbiological contaminants, preservation of food components during storage and processing, packaging technology, determination of nutritional and sensory properties, are essential for citizens and consumers with widespread consequences on health, and on agriculture, industry and economy.

6th ms food day

In all these aspects mass spectrometry plays a key role. The impressive evolution of its applications, methods, instrumentation and technology yielded highly sensitive, specific, fast, robust and validated methods that are fundamental tools in food science and technology.

The 6th MS Food DAY is a biannual conference focused on all topics related to the use, methods and applications of mass spectrometry in food.
It represents an excellent occasion for presenting the state-of-the-art of mass spectrometry in food chemistry & technology, along with the latest innovations and novelty in instrumentation and applications.
As already testified by the successful previous editions, this will also create the optimum opportunity to meet the needs and opportunities of academic institutions, research and control institutions, private enterprises and food companies.



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